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2009-2010 Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2009 LHAB Scholarship designees! The recipients were announced at the LHB Spring Banquet on May 11.

The LHAB is honored to have awarded a new named scholarship this year: The Diane Gorzycki Memorial Scholarship. Diane Gorzycki had a very distinguished 30-year career as a Middle School Band Director. She received numerous prestigious honors and awards, including having previously served as Past-President of the Longhorn Alumni Band. After her passing a new middle school in Southwest Austin was recently named in her honor. Her scholarship, which is awarded to a music education major, will provide $2,500 to the recipient. Two other scholarships have increased their annual award to $2,000: The D. Harold Byrd Scholarship and The Moton Crockett Scholarship. All of the other named scholarship recipients receive $1,500. The general scholarship recipients receive $750.

Many thanks to the members of this year’s committee for their hard work: George Moxley, Julia Webber, Patsy Hejl, and Dr. Coral Noonan-Terry (chair). Special thanks to Lucas Horton for his continued work to ensure the integrity of the tabulation process.

2009-2010 Named Scolarship Recipients

First Name Last Name Named Scholarship
William Samuel Clark Hurt
Katherine Kayleah Bartlett Widen
Sara Neely Allen
Tyler Dube Byrd
Marshall Wootton Limstrom
Allyson Spence Sims
Brian Denman Dunagen
Amanda Gass DiNino, Jane
Liz Prentice DiNino
Will Moore Turpin
Emily Ellenberg Crockett
Katherine Baker Johnson
Karen Kachelmeier Gorzycki

2009-2010 General Scolarship Recipients

First Name Last Name
Brandon Beck
Michelle Bolduc
Carol Brady
Cesar Carlos Casanova
Ali Faghhi
Mariana Fanous
Laura Fisher
Megan Kilgard
Michelle Bolduc
Lenel Land
Melody Lawson
Samantha Miller
Kenda Mitchusson
Sarah Redding
Rick Sweat
Amy Thornton
Dale White
Mychal Zipper
Michael Collin Zreet