Maifest May 2nd Brenham, Tx 10 a.m.

We are again invited to Brenham for the Maifest parade.  The parade is Saturday, May 2nd at 10:00am.

For those in Austin we will meet at the Moton Crockett’s office, at the northeast corner of Riverside and South Congress Ave around 7:00am so we can head out by 7:30am to caravan to Brenham.  Let us know if you are interested in joining the caravan so we don’t leave without anyone.
For anyone who has not been before this is a lot of fun and they take very good care of us.  They feed us well and let us go around downtown TWICE!!!!!!!  There is the BBQ, Blue Bell Ice Cream and Beer at the park following the parade.  And they always have a very generous donation to the scholarship fund which is what it is all about.
For those who want to go on their own here are driving instructions from Austin and Houston for our Houston area folks that want to help out.
From Houston 290 to loop 577, take a right, continue through two lights past Blue Bell creameries and across railroad tracks to third light at main street, take a left, (if early enough) continue on main to four way stop, fire station on the right, go through four way stop to parking lot next to Culligan water/bus station / ( if late) take a left at four way stop , through the next four way stop past the old blue bell creamery , across the railroad track taking the first right along the tracks, continue to stop sign, (Woodson lumber on the right ) take a right to Culligan water parking lot
From Austin follow 290 coming in on Alamo (if early enough) through three lights to bus station take a left to the Culligan water parking lot ( if late) come in on Alamo to the railroad track, take a right (North Austin Parkway) then the first left (Washington County Real Estate building on the left) continue until street dead ends to Market Street, take a right on market street and an immediate left  (do not continue to railroad tracks)  to the stop sign, take a left at the stop sign to Culligan water parking lot/bus station
Let us know if you plan on attending,
Austin Area Rep 

Longhorn Run~Playing Event Apr.11th

Still looking for volunteers for the Longhorn Run, Saturday, April 11th. They want LHAB to play at the start/finish, which will be on 21st and University Ave, right by the Littlefield Fountain. After the race kicks off, they want love LHAB to line up along the South Mall concrete pathway along the six pack (east of the lawn) to play as runners make their way through banana alley (Fruit/bagels/Powerade zone) and onto the Main Mall for a post-race celebration.
They would like LHAB to be there by 7:30AM Saturday to help cheer on the runners. They will be giving a donation to the Charitable Fund for our participation.

Please park at the UT garage Brazos or San Antonio. See Nef to get a parking pass swipe card to exit.

If you can do this, let us know,
George Moxley
Austin Area Rep

Alumni Basketball Game Dec. 13th Update

ALUMNI GAME: MBB vs Texas State is the ALUMNI GAME.  We will hold a special rehearsal that day in the Band Hall for EVERYONE playing that game.  If you missed Tuesday’s rehearsal, please make it to the Saturday one Dec. 13th from 12-1:00PM in Band Hall for this game.

I have already assigned those alumni that said they could be there.  Unless you’ve been assigned to the game, please don’t make any surprise visits! In other words, the ticket allotment for alumni is at capacity.

Rehearsal WILL HAPPEN 12-1:00PM in Band Hall for this game. PLEASE ALL ATTEND.

MBB vs Texas State
Saturday, December 13

Tuba!/Low Brass Van leaves the Band Hall at 5:45PM.

REMINDER that CALL TIME means that you should be in your seat with all your necessary equipment and uniform. 

1.  Enter the Erwin Center through the Red River entrance.  Make sure you have your instrument to identify yourself.
2.  Uniform: JEANS, White T-shirt (Pullover Top provided at Erwin Center) – Change into uniform in Band Locker Room.  Please wear a WHITE SHIRT under your basketball top.
3.  Books and stands are at the Erwin Center.
4.  Lot 70 Parking Passes available from the Band Office at regular hours (M-F, 8am – 5pm)
5.  Link to Basketball Parking map showing Lot 70.

Anthony C. Marinello, III
Assistant Director | Longhorn Band
Director | Longhorn Pep Band
The University of Texas at Austin
Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music
1 University Station E3102 Austin, TX 78712

Tower Band~ Dec. 10 2014

We are doing the annual tower band Wednesday December 10th. We need to show up at 6:00pm at the elevators in the tower. This is something we have done for the past 25 years or so. We play Christmas carols from all four corners of the observation deck. Mr. Crockett brings the music. It is easy to play. It can get a little cool up there especially on the north side so dress appropriately. Let us know if you can make it.
The University officials have asked again this year that only those actually playing be allowed to go up to the observation deck because of the limited space.  If you bring friends or family they will unfortunately not be allowed up the elevators but can hear us from ground level. 
Happy Holidays,
George Moxley, Austin Area Rep

2014/2015 Basketball Games

We are starting to put together bands for the 2014/2015 Basketball Games that occur during the Holiday season.  
Alumni are invited to make themselves available for ALL games, but the MBB vs Texas State game on December 13 is our very first ALUMNI Basketball Game!  If you are ONLY available for that game, please still fill out the survey.  Mark that you are an alum, so I can give you preference for that game.
1.  Students that play these games are compensated $35 for each game played payed in cash at the event.  Games typically last about two hours from the tip.
2.  Performers are asked to be in the band seats with uniform and all equipment at the Erwin Center 45 minutes before the tip-off of each game.  This means that players should arrive one hour before tip off to change and get their music book and stand (located at Erwin Center).
3.  Uniform: JEANS, White Tshirt (Pullover Top provided at Erwin Center) – Change into uniform in Band Locker Room.  Please wear a WHITE SHIRT under your basketball top. After the game, you can put your uniform away in the locker room and directly depart.  
4.  Parking passes are single-use and disposable.  Players will pick up parking passes for any/all games they are playing from the Band Office Staff during regular business hours (M-F; 8am-5pm). Parking is in Lot 70.  Link to Basketball Parking map showing Lot 70.
5.  Players should enter the Erwin Center through the Red River doors and identify themselves as band members.
6.  Once rosters are set, players are expected to find a substitute on the same instrument in the event of a conflict.
7.  There is a rehearsal in the Band Hall on Tuesday, December 9.  You are REQUIRED attend this ONLY rehearsal if you are playing ANY games.
8.  The MBB vs Texas State game on Saturday, December 13 is the OFFICIAL Alumni game.  Alumni will be given first preference on this game only and there is a special rehearsal for that game on Saturday, December 13 from 12PM to 1:30PM in the Band Hall.  If you are ONLY playing this one game, you don’t need to attend the rehearsal on December 9, but need to attend THIS rehearsal.
9.  Alumni are invited to ALL the games.  Current students get first preference, but we almost always have a few slots for our dedicated alumni to fill throughout the holidays.  We GREATLY appreciate your help over the holidays!
10.  If you are available for ANY of the following games, please fill out the following survey:
Available = you can play that game
Unavailable = you cannot play that game
*If you’re not a UT student, create any number in the EID text box to submit your survey. *
Please complete this survey ASAP and no later than THURSDAY, December 4.
Holiday Game Rehearsal – 12.9.14 (Tues), 3:30-5PM, BAND HALL – REQUIRED if playing ANY games
MBB vs Texas State – 12.13.14 (Sat), 12-1:30PM Rehearsal in BAND HALL; 6:15PM CALL TIME at Erwin Center (ALUMNI GAME)
WBB vs Northwestern St – 12.14.14 (Sun); 1:15PM CALL
MBB vs Lipscomb – 12.16.14 (Tues); 6:15PM CALL
WBB vs McNeese St – 12.17.14 (Wed); 6:15PM CALL
MBB vs Long Beach St – 12.20.14 (Sat); 6:15PM CALL
MBB vs Stanford – 12.23.14 (Tues); 5:15PM CALL
MBB vs Rice – 12.29.14 (Mon); 6:15PM CALL – If Bowl conflict arises, I will reassign and take LHB people off this game. Game time will change for bowl viewing.
WBB vs Rice – 12.30.14 (Tues); 6:15PM CALL
WBB vs Kansas – 1.3.15 (Sat); 6:15PM CALL
MBB vs Oklahoma – 1.5.15 (Mon); 7:15PM CALL
WBB vs West Virginia – 1.7.15 (Wed); 6:15PM CALL
WBB vs Texas Tech – 1.17.15 (Sat); 11:15AM CALL – DOUBLE HEADER
MBB vs West Virginia – 1.17.15 (Sat); 4:15PM CALL or 7:15PM CALL – DOUBLE HEADER

Anthony C. Marinello, III
Assistant Director | Longhorn Band
Director | Longhorn Pep Band
The University of Texas at Austin
Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music
1 University Station E3102 Austin, TX 78712

Longhorn Network & TWC Aug. 27th Playing Event

Dear Alumni,

We have been asked to play at the Time Warner Cable/Longhorn Network Event on Wednesday, Aug. 27th at the Long Center Pavilion. Food and drinks will be generously provided. Traditionals will be played.

Call To: 5:45 p.m. CST at Long Center Pavilion 701. W. Riverside Drive Austin, TX 78704
Play at 6:00 p.m. to Welcome Guests
Program: 6:10-8:20 p.m.
Conclude 8:20 p.m. with the Eyes of Texas
Leave: 8:30 p.m.
Parking:Will be comped for the band. Details will be sent out later.

If you have any other questions, please contact George Moxley.
Please indicate your interest by here.

The first 20 people to sign up to play will receive a $100 AMEX gift card courtesy of LHN! They really want us!!!  Thank you for supporting us!