LHAB 50th Coverage from Austin360

A good write-up from Michael Barnes on the 50th anniversary is available from Austin360.com. You can check it out here: http://www.austin360.com/weblogs/out-about/2013/aug/31/longhorn-alumni-band-50th-reunion/.

We are still collecting images, videos and posts for the 2013 Live Blog to provide a social gallery of the activities over the 50th reunion weekend. Make sure to check it out at http://www.lhab.org/live and if you add Twitter or Instagram updates, include the #lhab50 hash tag.

Additionally, The Alcalde and Keye TV covered news of our invitation to the London 2015 parade. You can check out the latest on the London trip at http://www.lhab.org/london.

Longhorns in London 2015

Former Lord Mayor of the City of Westminster, Duncan Sandys, Winston Churchill’s great grandson issued the invitation at 2:15 p.m. on Saturday August 31st at Denius Field on the University Campus. If you missed the presentation after combined rehearsal visit:  http://www.keyetv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/ut-marching-band-invited-londons-new-years-parade-12259.shtml

Participation is by invitation only with the invitation coming to the program from H. M.’s Lord Lieutenant for Greater London. A music program must be nominated to the Selection Committee by a previous participant or one of the Regional Directors of Music. One cannot “apply” and no “audition tape” need be sent. The University of Texas Longhorn Alumni Band with its many accomplishments has been recommended to The Committee by Paula Crider, a former director of Longhorn Band, and now a Professor Emeritus, in the School of Music. What an awesome opportunity!

We would like to have at least 300 Longhorn Alumni Members marching in the London’s New Year’s Day Parade. Personally, I’d like to break their record of 419 marchers with LHAB holding the title record. Can you think of any other Alumni Band that has the honor in playing for the Queen?

Visit www.lhab.org/london for details. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at neffy@att.net. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to receive updates.

Hook ‘Em Horns,

Nefertiti Williams
President of LHAB

Spirit Item Update from Donna Beth

It was wonderful to have a HUGE turnout for out 50th.  LHB and LHAB has been a big part of our lives and continues to be.

And – on to the Spirit Items – all orders will be filled – what you did not get on Friday night and if you did not pick them up, is in my car, will be in my house to sort out so that I can back order this week.

On Thursday last week, when I picked up the items from the shirt/cap place – I became the spirit item guru.  Only a few people do a lot of work to make Band Day work and when the attendance numbers doubled in about three days, you can only make so much work, much as we try.  The spirit item history is that we, as officers, try to predict what you will order and what sizes and look at the past (when we have had left overs!).

We have to pay up front and we use what money we have budgeted for this.  And – UT has to approve everything that might involve any kind of a logo using UT – it’s a trademark thing that involves money and you know that is paramount with UT athletics, and that takes lots of time.  Fortunately, we have a very good merchandiser who can smooth things over with those folks and sometimes it can only take days instead of weeks!

On orders which go through the website – if I had no name on a card for you it may not have gone through.  There were several that were incomplete, which meant that your credit card did not go through and if you had a double order go through, let me know.  I also have one that does not have a name.  Most have emails and I will probably get in contact with you to confirm your order.

And we can still wear our LHAB shirts with pride – year after year –

Donna Beth

Thank you LHAB

Longhorn Alumni Band, you are fantastic!!! Thanks to everyone that came out to Band Day to celebrate our 50th Reunion!!! It was a pleasure and honor being able to serve as your president and will continue to help in any way I can. Seeing our members socialize, rehearse, and turning back into college kids was a joy!!! No matter the differences between all of us, we are all connected through the lifeblood that is The University of Texas Longhorn Band/Alumni Band. Whether you are 23 or 95 years of age, we are all on the same level and that is what makes these reunions so special. This year marked a special occasion, but please make it a tradition to have these sort of numbers every year because people want to see YOU! The leadership of LHAB are special people and nothing could be possible with out the hours spent by them, so THANK YOU!!!

Big thanks goes to KKY/TBS for their manpower, we couldn’t have pulled this off without you!!!  Thank you to Robert Carnochan, Scott Hanna, Tony Marinello, Jerry Junkin, the TA/office staff and of course  Moton Crockett, Vincent R. DiNino, Glenn Ricther and Paula Crider for their hours given on game day and helping make LHB/LHAB the great organizations they are!!! 

Take Care & God Bless everyone, lets continue to grow our family so we can continue to change the world!!

Eddie Lopez
Past President

“May The Eye’s of Texas Always be Upon You”

Spirit Item~ White Polos

The white polos were so popular that we sold out quickly. Some of them are available for pick up and some sizes didn’t come in with our order. We apologize for the inconvenience if you weren’t able to receive yours today. We will happily mail them to you. Please bring a back up white collar shirt.