Band Day Guest and Children Policy

In compliance with University Athletics and Facilities, it is of extreme importance that all Band Day participants adhere to the following Guest Policies:

  • All non-LHAB family members must have a ticket in order to attend the game.  (Children under the age of 2 are exempt.)
  • Non-LHAB guests/family members will NOT be able to march into the stadium with the band.  They must enter through the ticket gate with a valid ticket.
  • LHAB will NOT be responsible for escorting any guests/children into the stadium during march down.
  • All children of LHAB members must be accompanied by a non-marching adult while in the stadium and at the indoor practice facility (The Bubble).  Athletics requests that we monitor guests in order to ensure that equipment and facilities are maintained.
Thank you for you compliance and Hook ’em!

**UPDATED**Shuttle Schedule

Shuttle Schedule
Shuttle Information:

1. On Saturday morning, two shuttles will make multiple trips to pick up LHAB members from the entrance to Lots 18/92 on Speedway directly south of the Speedway Garage and drop them off at the Band Hall Stop at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton St. and Robert Dedman Dr.

2. Prior to LHAB practice, two shuttles will make multiple trips to pick up LHAB members from the Band Hall Stop at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton St. and Robert Dedman Dr. and drop them off at the Bubble.

3.  Following LHAB practice, two shuttles will make 3 loops only from the entrance to Lots 18/92 on Speedway directly south of the Speedway Garage, the Bubble and the Band Hall Stop at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton St. and Robert Dedman Dr. to drop members at their car and/or the Band Hall. Please allow seasoned veterans, the disabled, and parents with young children to board first.

4. After the game, two shuttles will make multiple loops for 75 minutes only to pick up LHAB members from the Band Hall Stop at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton St. and Robert Dedman Dr. and drop them off at the entrance to Lots 18/92 on Speedway directly south of the Speedway Garage.

Shuttle Route:
8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Lots 18/92 to the Band Hall Stop
11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Band Hall Stop to the Bubble
1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
Lot 18/92 to the Bubble to the Band Hall (3 loops)
Immediately Following the Game
Band Hall Stop to Lots 18/92 (75 mins.)

Officer Nominations 2015-2016

1-Year Terms
President                                                                   Jo Lyn Tillerson Peters
President-Elect                                                                     Joe Dahlstrom
Vice President/Treasurer                                                    Cynthia Wren
Vice President/Secretary                                                    Matt Brandt
Vice President/Technology                                                Ben Lee Schneider
Vice President/Communications                                      Emily Ellenberg
Vice President/Equipment                                                 Jaime Luna
Vice President/Registration                                               Sara Beth Purdy
Vice President/Archives                                                     Ruth Dahlstrom
Vice President/Music Librarian/TBS Liaison                  Heather Wright
Vice President/KKY Liaison                                              Edward Martinez
Vice President LHB Liaison                                               Kyle Walker
Vice President/Adopt-a-School                                         Vince Goodwine
Vice President/Austin Area Rep                                       George Moxley
Vice President/Dallas Area Rep                                       Scott Harmon
Vice President/Houston Area Rep                                   Thomas Staton
Vice President/San Antonio Area Rep                            Casey Magnuson
Past President                                                                      Nefertiti Williams
Scott Harmon                                                                        term expires 2018
Heather Wright                                                                     term expires 2018

Continuing on the Board of Directors
Joe Dahlstrom                                                                      term expires 2017
Ruth Dahlstrom                                                                   term expires 2017
Kyle Walker                                                                           term expires 2016
Nicholas Schroeder                                                            term expires 2016

Bryan Penn                                                                         2 year term, expires 2017
Cathy Sorsby                                                                        3 year term, expires 2018

Continuing on Board of Trustees
Donna Beth McCormick, President                                2 year term, expires 2016
Suzan Nyfeler, Treasurer                                                  3 year term, expires 2016

Kent Kostka                                                                          3 year term, expires 2017

**UPDATED** TENTATIVE Band Day Schedule

September 18-19, 2015
FRIDAY, September 18, Scholz’s Garten, 1607 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin, TX 78701
5:00-8:15 pm               Pick up Name tags, BBQ wristbands, Spirit Items; Late registration;   
    Instruments & Music
7:15-8:30 pm               Business Meeting, Scholarship Presentations, Playing Rehearsal
SATURDAY, September 19
9:30 -11:00 am              Pick up Name tags, BBQ wristbands, Spirit Items;                                                                   Instruments and Music; (Band Hall)

10:00-10:45 am             Section Leader Meeting (Byrd Room)  

11:00 am                       Shuttle/Walk to Denius Practice Facility (Bubble)

11:15 am                       Set Up/load in (Bubble) – Kappa Kappa Psi active 
                                      members ONLY – all other participants must stay outside 
                                      the Denius facility until 11:30 am

11:30 am-1:00 pm         LHAB Playing and Marching Rehearsal (Bubble)

1:15-2:00 pm                Combined Rehearsal with LHB (Bubble)

2:15-3:15 pm                 LHB Rehearsal (Bubble)

2:30-3:45 pm                 LHAB BBQ Meal (Breezeway between BSOM and COFA)

4:15 pm                         LHB BBQ Meal (Band Hall)

3:45-4:45 pm                 Pick up Vests – must be in uniform (Room 2.106)

4:50-5:15 pm                 LHAB Line-up for march down

5:20 pm                         Call-to, LHAB step-off for march-down to DKR-TMS

6:00 pm                         LHB Line-up and Step-off

6:30 pm                         Kickoff—BTHOC!!!!

**UPDATED** Band Day 2015 Parking Instructions

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Speedway Garage will not be available for LHAB to park in until 5 hours prior to game time (1:30 p.m.).
Lots 18/92 (directly south of the Speedway Garage on Speedway) will be available starting at 7:00 a.m.

**If you already purchased a coupon online:**

  • Contact Dennis Delaney ( to get your coupon transferred to Lots 18/92.  
Parking will still be $20 and payable at the lot.
Thank for you for your understanding in this situation.
Payment instructions:

  1. Select the radio button by DKR- Texas Memorial Stadium and then hit next. 
  2. Hit “Find Parking” by the California Game. 
  3. Select the radio button by the Lots 18/92 and click on “Add to Cart”.
  4. Print your parking permit (LHAB will not provide any parking permits).
*** PLEASE NOTE: For football, the parking attendants get there at 7 am in the morning. You can park all day with this permit. The permit itself will have a start time of five hours before and five hours after the kick-off time. It unfortunately is a bug that we cannot change in the system. The parking permit is still valid. ***

FAQs Band Day 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I register?
    Click–>Band Day–>Register (You must be logged in for it to appear).

    I have problems registering…e.g: payment didn’t go through, I forgot to add BBQ etc.. Whom do I contact?
    Use the Contact Form on the LHAB Web Site.

    How do I make a scholarship donation?
    You can make a donation when registering online, in person during the weekend, or send a check payable to:

    The Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund
    P.O. Box 163326
    Austin TX 78716-3326

      What is the uniform?
      White collared shirt, solid black pants, socks and shoes, LHAB orange vest (provided at uniform checkout)

        Where do I park Friday night?
        We will be at Scholz Garten. Park at the meters and pay or there is FREE parking in the State Garages from 6:00-11:59 pm.

          Where do I park Saturday?
          You may park at the meters and pay or park in the Speedway Garage. See the Band Day Parking Instructions.

            How much is BBQ?
            It’s $12/person. 

              What if I can’t pick up my stuff at registration times?
              Find a friend or send someone on your behalf to get your stuff on time. Officers are very busy during the weekend and we will NOT easily available outside the scheduled pick up times.

              How do I get the music?
              You may pick up a music folder or log in to our secured site and download the part you want. Please remember we have limited copies of each part and 1st parts go the quickest.

              How do I order guest tickets?
              Guest tickets are for family and friends not registered members of LHAB. Guest tickets are $65 each and can be paid for online via register. You may pick and sign that your guest tickets were received on Friday night or Saturday morning.

              This is my first year out of LHB. Do I have to pay?
              No, but you do have to register for Band Day 2015 and sign up for an instrument.