New or Changed for 2016 Band Day

New or Changed for 2016 Band Day
  • The Friday night rehearsal and business meeting will be held in Scholz’s Saengerrunde Halle on the south end of Scholz’s Garten (inside with air conditioning!)
  • Our seats in DKR Memorial Stadium have been moved from the upper deck BACK DOWN to field level in Section 32!  Section 32 is located at the southeast end of the stadium.  We express our most sincere thanks to LHB Director Scott Hanna and Athletic Director Mike Perrin for making this move possible!
  • We will have guest tickets available for purchase for the Band Day game.  Guest tickets will be located next to ours in the stadium.
  • This Fall, we will make the announcement of the recipients of our LHAB scholarships on September 22 at a special event on campus.  All of LHB will be in attendance and all LHAB members are invited.  Watch for an announcement of time and place as the date grows closer!

CALL TO: Officers, BOD, & Committee Members Needed!

Are you interested in becoming more involved in LHAB?

Here’s your opportunity!

We are looking for volunteers to serve in a variety of ways for the 2016-17 Alumni Band Year.  The following positions are needed:

LHAB Officers:
  • President-Elect (must have been an officer now or in the past)
  • Vice President 
  • Assistant Vice-President: Archivist
  • Assistant Vice-President: Music Librarian
  • Assistant Vice President: Area Representative for Dallas/Fort Worth
Board of Directors (must have experience as an officer of LHAB or LHB):
  • 1 Person for a one-year term (2016-17)
  • Nominating Committee for 2017-18 (Chaired by
    the Past President.  Other members to be elected at our annual business meeting at Band Day)
  • Code of Ethics Committee (Appointed by the Officers. Committee meets only if there is a conduct or ethics issue to be addressed.)
  • Properties Committee (Chaired by Asst. VP for Properties. Member appointed by the Officers.)
  • Logo, Emblem, and Seal Committee (Deals with issues concerning the use of our logo)
The full list of LHAB Officers, Board of Directors, and Committee Positions are found on our website (“Documents” section, “Bylaws”).  Please note that some job descriptions are still being updated by the Board of Directors.  Updated policies will be posted by mid-August.
If you are interested in serving as an elected Officer, a member of next year’s Nominating Committee, or on one of the LHAB committees, please contact any member of the nominating committee.

Nominating Committee Members:

Joe Dahlstrom, chair (

Heather Wright (

New T-Shirts, Dri-fit Shirts, and Spirit Items!

We have 6 different shirts to offer!

 These will be available to order through the new website during Band Day 2016 registration!  

C:UsersJoDesktopLHAB2015-2016Spirit ItemsCircle_White.jpg C:UsersJoDesktopLHAB2015-2016Spirit ItemsCircle_Orange02.jpg

Script LHAB encircled with “LHAB – The Blast from the Past”

C:UsersJoDesktopLHAB2015-2016Spirit ItemsPolos.jpg

Dri-Fit Polos in Men’s and Women’s Sizes
(Uniform Acceptable!)

C:UsersJoDesktopLHAB2015-2016Spirit ItemsLHB_Keep_Swingin_FB.jpg

A Crowd Favorite: “Still Swingin'”


Script LHAB (in orange & white)

 Watch for other *NEW* spirit items to be added soon!

New Website Launch — August 5th!

Our website is moving to a new platform!  As of Friday, August 5, 2016, will be sporting a sleeker look and easier, clear navigation.

The new site will include the capability to pay dues, order spirit items, and make scholarship donations at any time.  In addition, there will be a designated place to upload and share photos and videos. The url ( will stay the same!

Upcoming Band Day 2016 registration will take place on the new interface, so check it out!