About LHAB


Numerous members who are not officers help with ongoing LHAB activities through various active committees. Below are current committees and participants.

Nominating Committee
Heather Knolle, Past President & Chair
John Bregger
Kathy Crain
Tadd Lanham
Kathy Rider

Code of Ethics Committee
Kathy Rider, Chair
Jeff Hartsock
Nick Schroeder

Properties Committee
Randy Storm, Equipment VP & Chair
George Green, Big Flags
Paul Scully, Percussion
Chuck Garner
Mike Haecker

Logo, Emblem and Seal Committee
Michelle Oestrick, Secretary & Chair
Cathy Purdy
John Purdy

Scholarship Committee
Jo Lyn Peters, Vice President & Chair
Jack Green
Kent Kostka
Christi Lotz
David Wheeler

Archives Committee (President-Appointed)
Barbara Helbert, Archives VP & Chair
Catherine Whited
Jerry Hayes
George Moxley
Alan Ford
Delia Botbol